Why do data science projects fail more often than succeed?

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The term ‘Data scientist’ was nonexistent when I started my journey in Data analytics space but now it is so called the ‘sexiest job after the decade’: probably after space crews in SpaceX and Virgin Galactic! Data has always fascinated me and I am sure it will continue to do so for many years to come. Throughout this journey I have seen many projects flying off as well as falling apart at various stages. …

How to build your first trading bot with Python and Binance

Alright! As always, before jumping into the python script with parameters, functions and API’s, some background and opinions!

What happened in the world of Crypto in 2021?

Beginning of the year had a ‘Going to the moon’ expectation on Crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC) was on it’s way to hit the $100k mark. Definitely, the trajectory was right in the first quarter with more retail investment on Block chain followed by many crypto releases of DeFi, Non-Fungible Tokens which skyrocketed crypto world but it was followed by a huge crash driven by Chinese crackdown, market corrections, Tesla’s manipulation and Elon Musk’s tweets. As the market is sluggish and bearish…

Notes from Industry

Handling complications in customer data using Python


For any organization, data management is always a challenge, through its life cycle of planning, collection, processing, storage, management, analysis, visualization and finally interpretation. For successful management and protection of data requires a lot of planning and collaboration between teams to move data from one stage to the next. Few prominent steps of data processing are wrangling, compression, deduplication and encryption. …

Value proposition of Telemetry for industry 4.0


In the age of precision farming, the role of technology is decisive and amplified much higher than ever. There are many ways technology can help industries to improve the offering and keep renovating. First usage of electronic system in automotive industry was vacuum tube car radio in 1930s and from then to now, manufacturing cost related to electronic components has raised approximately to 30% of the total cost of the machine. As the machine becomes more and more electronic, there is an increased scope of monitoring the machine, by sensors and signals.

According to WHO CoVID-19 is already a global pandemic, Germany announces that close to 60–70% people can be exposed to the virus. With more than 600 thousand cases the epicentre of CoVID-19 moved from China to Europe and then to USA in a span of mere 3 weeks getting into the new heights every week. …

Shreepada Shivananda

Data scientist with an intent to make world a better place

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